Omer Keinan Azathoth

Azathoth is a meditation on the elation and horror of the unknowable, contemplating creation through chaos. The practitioners – movers and musicians alike – embody individual journeys within a collective mythology. Their continuous transformation at the limit of communication, inviting the audience to adventure through the expanses of meaning-making and fantasy. Beckoning the “void”, we sought to undertake a process in which form and content interweave. Proposing the practice-based research question: How do we devise a practice/performance that is both rigorously improvised and dramaturgically coherent and complex? An experiment which engendered the interplay of practices and theories accumulated over three years of a performance laboratory, and the development of new performance technique anchored in cosmicism – a grappling with reality as an endlessly fragmented whole, beyond control and comprehension.

Premiered at DOCK ART (DE) in March 2022 during “Blank Check Festival” in collaboration with nein9 kollektiv. A revised version performed June 2022 at DOCK ART.  

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All rehearsals from the residency so far have been gathered at “The Azathoth Catalogue (Phase 3)”, which is available here: