Omer Keinan

Omer Keinan (Israel, 1997) is a performance artist and scholar. He received a diploma in choreography from the International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2019), and graduated from Maslool Professional Dance Program (IL, 2017). As a performance artist, he created, amongst others, Azathoth, which premiered at DOCK ART (2022, DE) in collaboration with nein9 kollektiv; The New Fire Ceremony, which premiered with support by SEAD (2019, AU), and adapted to an interactive, online format for Viral Festival (2020, IL); Dagon, which performed at BodySoundSpace Vol. 7 (2019, AU); and Not I (2017), which performed in Intimadance Festival 2017 at Tmu-na Theater (IL). 

Utilizing performance practices from various lineages, compounded by psychoanalytic practices, he tinkers with embodied knowledge through practice-based research. A primary methodology involved the curation of research catalogues, which trace and transmit his meddlings through essays and video excerpts. His performance work is then an extension of laboratorial experimentation, articulating them through the encounter of improvisational practices and metaphysical concepts, drawing on a wide breadth of theoretical and artistic references.