LAKE Studios are available to rent for a variety of purposes including rehearsals, showings, workshops/classes, and photo or video shoots. All rentals come with access to our garden, communal outdoor kitchen, and our cozy tea & coffee corner. Additionally, we provide two showers and two bathrooms, one of which is wheelchair accessible.  Our big studio, outdoor studio, common areas and garden are all barrier free.

The price of rental ranges between 7-40+€ per hour depending on studio size and intended use (see guide below). Pricing is adjusted according to the financial circumstances of the renter.  This flexible approach ensures that our studios remain accessible to a diverse range of individuals, groups, and artistic projects.

  • 7-40 €  for various artistic uses of the spaces
  • 40 € plus for commercial use depending on the project size / budget.
  • For performance rental rates please contact us.

Big Studio: 155m2 (11m x 14m) — Wheelchair accessible

Our big studio is a beautiful space with a grand skylight and full wood-sprung dance floor. It hosts a large retractable door that opens to the garden for fresh air and green views. There are two large mirrors behind hanging curtains and a full sound system. This studio also contains a small piano and is equipped for theater / performance set ups.  

Ideal for rehearsals, classes/workshops, showings, and photo/video shoots. 

(10 – 40€/hour)

Small Studio: 40m2 (10m x 4m)

Our small studio includes skylights and one wall of windows for lots of natural light. There is a sound system and a small mirror that can be covered with a hanging curtain.   

This studio is ideal for small group rehearsals or classes.  

(7 – 30€/hour)

Outdoor Studio & Stage: 70m2 (12m x 6m) — Wheelchair accessible

Our newest addition to LAKE Studios is an outdoor space with a covered roof and a marley covered sprung dance floor. It is enclosed on three sides, two of which are made of beautiful recycled wood, and one with floor to ceiling windows.  There are electrical outlets and the front is completely open to the garden, making for a fun and functional outdoor working space! This studio can also be turned into a performance setting with our portable theater light dimmer system. 

Our outdoor studio can be used for rehearsals, classes/workshops, showings, or photo/video shoots. 

(7 – 30€/hour)

Media Lab/Mini Studio: 20m2 (4m x 4m)

With a skylight and large windows overlooking the garden, our media lab/mini studio is ideal for concentrated work. It includes an expandable desk, powerful imac with editing software, and a video camera with wireless mic set-up for online classes. 

Suitable for writing, audio recording/editing, Zoom classes, or simple stretching and body-work. There is a small extra cost if using the studio with technical equipment.

(7 – 30€/hour)

Garden/Outside Kitchen Space + Sauna — Wheelchair accessible

For special events our expansive garden provides ample space for mingling and relaxing. There is a covered outdoor kitchen, a picnic table, plenty of seating, tables, chairs, blankets, and accent lights. This space can host a large group and connects directly to both our big and outdoor studios. There is also a sauna at the back of the property that can be used for an extra charge. 

Nano Stage: 9m2 (3m x 3m)

Berlin’s tiniest stage is tucked away in our garden and ideal for intimate and unconventional performances.

Library/Office Work Space

We offer artists using our studios access to our library with a collection of dance, art and theory books and periodicals.  In the same area is a small workspace with access to a printer/scanner. 

Workshop Spaces

In the back of the garden are workshop spaces which are used for prop and set building. 

General Equipment

Yoga mats & equipment, blankets, tatami mats, pillows, 30 chairs, 6 tables. 

Technical Equipment

Technical equipment includes sound systems, projectors, a theater light setup, a piano, high-definition cameras, sound and video mixers, audio recorders, various microphones, and 32 wireless headphone sets. It is also possible to suspend from the ceilings in the big and outside studios. For a full list of technical equipment, click here.  

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