LAKE Studios Berlin is a dance residency, research, and performance center supporting a mix of local and international artists in their creative processes. We offer long and short-term residencies where artists of various styles and diverse standpoints create and exchange in a calm and concentrated atmosphere. We are committed to fostering a sense of community and engage artists in dialogue, reflection, and choreographic research via festivals, forums, classes, workshops and performances.    

LAKE Studios has existed as an artist-run, community-based dance space since May of 2013. It was built by dancers, for dancers and is dedicated to expanding the possibilities for artists in the fields of dance and performance. It is space that offers unexpected encounters and cross-pollinations.  

The facilities include two wood-sprung-floor indoor studios, one wood-sprung-floor outdoor studio, a media/mini studio, a library, and a nano stage. In addition, there are private rooms, a shared kitchen, and a large garden with outdoor gathering and working spaces. With a robust media lab and technical equipment, LAKE Studios’ artists can take a deep dive into art and technology. With our large garden and proximity to Müggelsee lake we are equally suited for those who simply want to unplug in their process.

documentary by Arthur Conrad Kunitsu

When we founded LAKE Studios in 2013, this is how we captured our dream:

“This is our space. We live here. Dance here. Breathe here. After one and a half years of planning, we started in April 2013, converting this place from an old carpentry warehouse into our residence dance studios. We laid down each and every board of the floors: hammered, nailed, banged, and screwed them all in. In the garden, we dug up the cement, hoed the new earth, and planted seeds. We poured our sweat and hearts out into the space so that one day, we could enjoy the joys and comforts of our freedom. Freedom is dancing. Freedom is laughing. Freedom is being able to express yourself through movement. Freedom is sharing this all with you. We welcome you to share this little oasis with us.”

– The Lakies, 2013