Dafne Narvaez Berlfein A confrontation with – the unredeemable – time

(time as a possibility and as a challenge)

Main focus of the current time given in the residence lies in the research process: Time
given to work at the studio, deconstruct my set ups, revisit old notes, read, fail, try, play.
Get back to studio experimentation to deepen further my work of live video image
processing through analog technologies.
This research moves into praxis in context of my current collaboration with composer Hanna
Hartman (Undercover) & choreographer Ian Kaler (Sentient Beings). Through the residence I
am developing visual constellations in dialogue with their movement & sound gestures.
Focus of the movement collaboration with Kaler lays on the development of a series of
performative hybrid works in which we approach audiovisual media from performative
perspectives and where the performative manifests itself in a cinematic event.
In Undercover I manipulate live video captures through analog feedback and modulators
building an improvised audiovisual landscape in dialogue with Hanna Hartmans
compositions. Objects & Sounds are given new narratives. The development of Undercover
started in the context of Villa Massimo Residency in April 2022 and continues in the context
of Lake studios Residency. A first part of the work will be premiered at the end of my
participation at Lake Residency, on 5th november at Hellerau
https://www.hellerau.org/de/villa-massimozu-gast-in-hellerau/ , a second stage will be
presented in context of Festival Roma Europa on 16th november

,,, as you dive in the lake you pass into this time – the moment of entering can never be
remembered. Around you the landscape lies transfiguration. Here is the Amen beyond the

excerpt from Pharmacopoeia by Derek Jarman
(with a personal intervention)