Dafne Narvaez Berlfein

Dafne Narvaez Berlfein is an artist & researcher born in Quito, Ecuador. Her artistic and
academic practices are based on multi- and interdisciplinary collaborative processes from an
intersectional perspective.
Through Film, videotape field-recordings, live video captures and modulated interruptions
she creates visual interpretations in dialogue with the works of composers, sound artists
and performers* appropriating analogue technologies from a DIY / DIWO (do it with Others)
approach. Her work has been presented in numerous institutions and festivals, such as the
Deutsche Oper, Transmediale, Luxembourg Philharmonie, Festival Roma Europa,
Documenta 14, among many others .
Narvaez Berlfein research focuses on female identified artists who produce their work in
underground contexts and deal with experiences of uprootedness. She has lectured at the
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Universidad de Buenos Aires and
Universität der Künste in Berlin. Since 2015 she has been presenting her research in the
format of the Performance Series “Sentimental Punk” in the Berlin Project Space Kotti-Shop.
Each project to which Narvaez Berlfein contributes shares the concern for decentralizing
social-cultural structures through artistic discourse.
Since 2012 she lives and works in Berlin.