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Unfinished Fridays #105

Jan 26th 2024 , 19:30 22:00

We are excited to present the 105th volume of our work-in-progress series, Unfinished Fridays, featuring new works/excerpts by resident artists and special guests:

Nico Migdal, Alma Reiss Navarre, Polina Fenko, RILABEN PAZ


Entrance Free. Please Register:


Live performance: Rilaben, Cristina Abati 

Live visuals : Tina Salvadori Paz

Music: JD Zazie and Cristina Abati

Dramaturgical advice : Cristina Abati

As a condensation of a durational performance of 4 hours , called DEARLUCY, and presented in Europe in 2023 (also visible at Flutgraben gallery on the 25th January 2024, from 17:00h till 22:00), we will present at Lakestudios Unfinished Fridays, a 20 minutes research named “LUCY IN THE SKY” from Beatles’ song, about a new way to approach those sound/text materials we collected in the last two years from an archive of letters of last century written from Ethiopia. We will reflect in terms of sound and abstraction, post colonialism, censorship, as jamming in radio frequencies, poetry of sound and voice, in queer repetitions and relations with Lucy’s bones, colors and between multimedia instruments. From grandchildren to grandparents, from Africa to Europe, from humans to more-than-human beings: Dear Lucy is a performative project about the manifold connectingthreads between personal and collective history, and between the body’s presence in the here and now, its origins in the past, and its orientation toward the future.  

Franz Thalmair and Gudrun Ratzinger

Kunstraum Lakeside, Lakeside Park Klagenfurt Statement #19 “Dear Lucy” | Rilaben/Paz

Hearth Study  – By Alma Reiss-Navarre

Performed by Alma Reiss-Navarre & Nico Migdal 

Music: TBD 

Hearth Study is an investigation into the relationship between the four main caverns of the heart, its outer lining, and the act of sustaining warmth. In this work, grass travels through the tubes of the body as a fluid, nestles in caverns, and is molded by internal walls. This grass acts as the delicate community in which oxygen, touch, and loss can be supported. Hearth Study is the new growth of a full length piece.

Performance by Nico Migdal

Thank you to Alma Reiss-Navarre for all your help and creative advice

As a lover of being looked at, and someone scared of being perceived, I play with the viewer’s gaze on my body. I want to challenge the limits of my physicality in relation to digital media and my own visual art practice, in order to work towards an interdisciplinary state of being.

(sans) ordre /Work in Progress – By Polina Fenko 

This playful performance-lecture creates a space to engage with choreographic and military scores. Through centuries both war and dance were busy with notating movement. Through scores they did not only transcribed in specificity collective and personal movements and gestures, but also rehearsed and re-enacted  these scores. How can these comparisons challenge our preconceptions and invite us to reflect on the intersections of discipline and creativity, regimentation and freedom?