Polina Sonis & Alina Belyagina My hair smells like wet grass

The research is focused around the theme of memory and exploration of sensory part of the performative experience, of the flood of information we receive through smell, touch, vibration. We seek perceiving through senses, responding through instincts both for the performer and the audience. 

Russian born Israeli dancer Polina Sonis explores her bodily archive through revisiting parts of her bodymind biography that appear on stage in a form of movement material, spoken word, songs and scent, creating a sort of a sensorial map. Through various reassamblages of these elements she constructs and re-constructs her artistic identity (the landscape of this map) that was formed by a study of folk oriental dances, multiple migration, her studies of Greek and Italian languages and cultures, by personal fascination with pagan images and creating contemporary mythology.