Katya Volkova Katya’s residency project

In collaboration with an art&science artist ::VTOL::, I will explore how asymmetrical, dissociative structures of the biopolitical noise stream hijack the body in an attempt to immobilise it. During the residency we will try to speculatively, but in a very detailed and interdisciplinary way, examine: how in such an attacking mess of stimuli the nervous system can reorient itself. In this study, we attempt to uncover the fragility that the body faces in total biocapture systems, and to find fulcrums for navigation and reorientation in rhythmic chaotic structures.

Residency blog posts

to many inputs, the overload as a subject of research for today. No jumps are possible, the body is heavy, just small waving inside the stillness. Sometimes the tiny movement give a lot of freedom for inner system. It might be at the level of kinesthetics, deep and unseen but very welcomed and needed. There is a range in the choreographic articulation that gives the volume to my dance. Moving further!

[unwanted realities / not the kind of noise that the sound investigators are looking for]

Today I’m busy with the flow – disrupting my trajectories. I want to call it noise, but it’s something else. Rather, it is an ephemeral agent that haunts and clings to my attention. Events, news, scrubbed algorithms – propaganda and attention economies – that hunt us down and attempt a covert biocapture. I have the choice of returning to the practice of somatic recollection or allowing this flow to influence the course of my life process in real time. The uninvited, unwelcome flow is always coming, my body chooses to respond to it. I allow freezing to happen, I try to overcome and surrender to gravity, I try to find supports in interaction with different surfaces and densities in space. I am clearly aware that there is a choice or a stable illusion of choice, where I monitor what I hear, that is, what is in my field of study at a given moment, and what I cut off as social. Can I abstract myself from what happens outside the studio? If so, how do my artistic explorations correlate with reality and contemporary issues? If not, how do I allow or motivate the body to move? How and why do I go into artistic abstraction? How can dance art stimulate sensitivity to what is happening in the social world?

the body is finally here, in this soft, cuddly environment of the Lake. At first, I listen a lot to my breathing, watch the temperature, allow spontaneous dancing and womb vocalizations to happen. I try to bring myself back to my caged state, to remember what it is like to not be compartmentalized, to just be and enjoy. 

I am interested in the very possibility of remembering or fictitiously imagining such a place of self-satisfaction and pleasure. I am trying to get there because I have to work with a lot of restrictions in the future. I want to discover this state and manifest it today.