Sophia Grimani – Jan 2022

Bennington Student residency


I am a senior at Bennington College studying dance and film and I’m at Lake Studios for a month-long self-led residency. Over the next month I will working on my senior work/thesis for my bachelor degree. This will take the shape of a multi-media dance performance piece and a 16mm dance film/installation.

The working title for the dance piece is Girlhood. Stemming from memories of growing up, I am working with ideas of sisterhood, coming of age, and sexuality. I am currently working on outlining the concepts for the piece, finding music material, and creating scores/choreography.

Separate from Girlhood, I am working on editing a 16mm dance film for an installation in our final gallery showing at Bennington. This project explores the relationship between nature and the body through a femme character that is in a sensual relationship with her surroundings (nature). With inspirations from feminist and sex positive movements, I am exploring the connection between the camera and female body and what it looks like to fall in line with expectations as well as subverting them. While I am here at Lake I will be working to complete my first edit of the film. Included are a few stills from the project.