Maya M. Carroll & Roy Carroll (The Instrument) – July 2020

Since we started our residency at LAKE Studios, we’ve been creating a four-chapter piece called Field Scores. Each part in it is based on and evolves from listening to and sensing an environment; both indoor and outdoor. At the heart of this work is an urge to mentally, physically and poetically engage with nature through our artistic language; to blend with an environment; disappear / re-emerge, read nature’s language as a coded message and connect with it intuitively, instinctively and spiritually.

For our sharing on July 31st, we aim to show three of the four chapters: the first one, ‘Infra’ is purely audible (non visual), the second is a duet of sound and gesture in the back garden and the third is a film made of sliding images edited with field recordings we have worked on over the last two weeks.

In the coming week we will continue capturing sound, motion, image…spying on birds and insects action and breathing-in the rich microbiome around us.

We are also working on a choreographic film called ‘All Nature’ which will be shared publicly in a few months, and recording short dance pieces for a collaboration with composer W.A. Mathieu. All of these projects are complementary and interconnected through the nature of space, listening and expressiveness unfolded in our work during this residency.

Short video excerpt from our first week of work on sound and gesture: