Jessy Tuddenham – Reconnect Residency. June & July 2020

My Lake Studios residency has been dedicated to developing a new solo. A dance and sound-score built on the shoulders of the experiments I have been doing in stand-up comedy the past couple of years. My aim is to make a work that is created, over time, with the audience.

Corona regulations, of course, make it difficult to build something with an audience using traditional performance modes. So I took an experimental approach.

During my residency, I invited guests — one at a time and in accord with social distancing — out to Lake Studios for informal showings of new material.

In addition, I hosted an interactive newsletter. Archives can be found HERE.

For the 67th Unfinished Friday Livestream in late June, I created and performed a new solo titled “Ballad”. An audio-only edition of this performance was broadcast on Cashmere Radio Berlin. Listen HERE.

The full scope of my residency (informal tests, newsletter, “Ballad”, and all that came before…) culminates in a solo work made of 2 parts: 1 – a live text and movement performance 2 – a pre-recorded text and sound design. The pre-recorded audio will be broadcast on Cashmere Radio Berlin in August 2020. Afterwards it will be available in my personal show archives HERE.

Plans are a wonderful thing. Squirrelly and unruly.

Before the residency began, I anticipated that I would do weekly performances on Zoom. Instead, I started a newsletter.

Before the residency began, I anticipated I would have a complete, full evening-length solo. Instead, I have approximately 25, work-in-progress, minutes.

Before the residency began, I anticipated I would call this new solo work “Speak, Woman” — a trope on the title of Nabokov’s autobiographical memoir “Speak, Memory”. Instead, I am calling it “Longitudinal” – this too, I anticipate will change.

Plans are a wonderful thing.

Plans are a wonderful thing.

Plans are a wonderful thing.