Janessa Clark EVERGREEN

EVERGREEN is an extension of Janessa’s ongoing research into privacy, memory, anonymous agency, co-authorship, and the body. This residency will allow for a focused intensive work period during which she will collaborate with choreographic artificial intelligence agents in order to further mine what is means to be human. The research honors the private memories and confessions of 54 anonymous individuals. These stories were sent to Janessa in the form of anonymous letters between 2014 and present day and have been embodied and reactivated as live performances, dance films, photographs, and sculptures. Each artwork becoming an enduring beacon of presence, documenting a life lived. At Lake Studios Berlin, Janessa will endeavor to create new emergent ‘cultures’ via the recombination of these stories to form new narratives. The outcomes will be activated in various formats, opening new pathways for creative communication, and further distilling down our collective consciousness into its most salient elements.