Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon started meditating at the Village Zendo in NYC with Sensei Enkio O’hara in 1997 and shifted to practicing vipassana meditation at Insight Meditation Society in 2009. Since 2016, he worked, studied, lived and practiced meditation at Insight Meditation Society and Beatenberg Meditation Center (Switzerland) under the mentorship of Joseph Goldstein, Chas DiCapua, and Stephen Batchelor and many others. He is a Certified Vipassana/Mindfulness Meditation Teacher by Spirit Rock Meditation Center (USA) and an Embodyoga® 200 Hour Teacher (RYT200). Currently, besides his interdisciplinary art practice, he teaches meditation internationally to creative technologists, dancers and art makers. He is also a resident meditation teacher and guest movement instructor for Kernel, a custom web3 educational community. He is the creator of, an AI powered multilingual buddhist guide and mindfulness coach.