Yasmine Lindskog Visanko

Yasmine Lindskog Visanko is a dance artist and improviser based in Brussels, Belgium. Her artistic research is often rooted in dynamic systems, heightened states of consciousness, the-more-than-human world, place, the cyclical, dream states, amongst other curiosities and interests. She is fascinated by the collective energy and is often drawn to curating collective experiences in her work. Working with instantaneous composition, she curates improvisational structures to explore the potential of physicality, presence, and interconnectivity. Much of her inspiration comes from observing the world around her through walking and hiking across places, borders, and landscapes. Yasmine has performed and presented her work throughout the USA and Europe. She received her BFA in Dance from Cal State University Long Beach and her MA in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School where she was part of the postgraduate company, EDge. While in Brussels, she studied intensively with David Zambrano in his artistic practices. Currently, she performs with Adaptations Dance Theater (Hawai’i) and Cia Jordi L. Vidal (BE), as well as works as an independent artist; performing, collaborating, and sharing her work in Europe and the USA.

collaborator/ sound artist:

Samara Rice is a contemporary classical music composer, pianist, toy pianist, and educator based in Southern California. Textural elements, unusual instrumentation, extended performance techniques, sound effects, gamification, and imagery inspiration combine to form her compositional sound. In addition to concert works, Samara is a frequent collaborator and composer for theatre, dance, animation, and film productions. Samara holds an M.M. in music composition from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach and a B.A. in music composition, cum laude, with music department honors from the University of California, San Diego. For more information about Samara’s compositions visit www.SamaraRice.com.