RILABEN (also Enrico L’Abbate) is an artist and performer. Studied dance technique with A. Nikolais/Luis, N.York Foundation, and Performing Art Programme IYMT at the Universities of Bilbao/Amsterdam/Leeds. Further studies on Release, Laban and M. Feldenkrais as well as on the relationship between body and voice in the performing arts in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland. Working with intuition, improvisation and their layering creates lively body constellations and installations. The bodies, their aesthetic differences, queer art, minimal physical theatre art, the perception of the audience, experimental music and site-specific settings are related to each other.

Tina Salvadori Paz is a visual artist with a background in science, working with video, performance, installations and self-made electronic devices, intended as a poetic way of relating to technology. Her main interests are in social and political issues, science and technology, experimenting with new practices of sharing and collaborating. Her works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and institutions in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and other countries.

Cristina Abati is an Italian musician and performer. In 1998 she founded, with other actors, “Gogmagog”theatre company, which she still co-directs. Since 2004 she has been active in the field of radical improvisation. Since 2009 she has also worked with Fosca company as a performer and musician. Since 2012 she has played in the Blutwurst, a contemporary radical music ensemble. She works on vocal research projects related to the body and poetic writing.