Malika Lamwersiek

Malika Lamwersiek is a berlin based dancer. Her dance is rooted in Hip Hop freestyle, its Music, transfer of knowledge, cypher and battles as contexts for expression. Throughout the years of practice her, movement vocabulary expanded. Moving in and between Hip Hop, Popping, House and Breaking, she now explores multiple movement approaches. After all, dance for her is a play with presence and connection. As a freelancer, Malika enjoys the possibility of collaboration and creation in its own timing. Malika has been part of  various performance and dance theater productions throughout Europe, including the work of Kat Valastúr, Lea Moro and Fernanda Costa.

Collaborateur: Hannah Juliane Steebeck 
Hannah Juliane Steenbeck started training rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 6 and discovered her interest in combining different dance styles via breaking, popping and hip hop. From 2015 to 2018, she was a scholarship student at HF ZUB in Zurich. Since then, Juliane has worked as a dancer and choreographer in Germany and Switzerland with Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Lukas Steltner, Giorgio Madia, Shafiki Sseggayi, Lin Verleger, Béatrice Goetz, Merge Dance Collective and zookunft.project amongst others.