Jess Pierce & erika roos

erika is a mixed-discipline artist working across contemporary dance, performance-making, emergent media, language, and design to investigate in-betweenness, ambiguity, and fluidity; the interdependence of fear, desire, vulnerability, and (non)(be)longing; and the iterative process of moving through change. Through inquiry-based practice, erika seeks to (re)imagine where and how we find connection, power, transformation, and possibility. erika is a recent Choreographer-in-Residence with Resilience Dance Company, and has danced with the Modern American Dance Company, Elinor Harrison and Dancers, and Consuming Kinetics Dance Company. More at

Jess is a filmmaker and video artist from St. Louis, Missouri who is pursuing the ever-evolving relationship between dance and film. Thinking of the camera and microphone as equal contributors to performance settings, her practice centers around the examination and reconfiguration of sensory perspective through multimedia exploration. She aims to reconnect self to body, self to land, and self to other selves through the expansive and wide-ranging nature of audio, video, animation, and performance. With works featured in and awarded by various film festivals, including the St. Louis International Film Festival, as well as frequent collaborations with dancers and dance companies, including Consuming Kinetics Dance Company,  Jess continues to test the boundary between dance and film; recorded media and live performance; and nature and technology.