Jenna Eve Taus

My work amplifies the vast abundance of emotions through choreographic and methodical play. I create systems for generating material in the form of movement and visual arts. I (re)collect and (re)call moments/memories/fragments of my life through my body and create healing as object and subject. I set up rules to make art within, improvisationally I activate my scores using methods of sensuality, silliness, queerness, rage and so on. My heart, mind and flesh are the medium, and therefore what brings me fulfillment and satisfaction is introspection. My work tends to be translucent, sheer and vulnerable by nature, containing transparency and secrecy. My identity as a queer non-binary feminized body is another apparatus in which informs my creations, oftentimes highlighting the arbitrary, mundane and androgynous aspects of life. I incorporate queerness as a catalyst for truth, genuinity and multiplicity in its many layers. I seek to find systems for translating myself to you.