César René Pérez & Vera Rivas

César René Pérez

Performer and stage director, graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana. His work insists on the body as the epicenter of stage creation. As a performer he has worked in more than thirty stagings in Mexico and countries such as Czech Republic, Iceland, Italy, Australia, France, among others. As stage director he has been part of ENARTES, Encuentro Nacional de Danza and was guest director of Theaterwelt 2020 in Mexico. He directed and wrote Agresión y Dignidad in 2021, a piece that addresses the processes of discrimination and inequality.

Vera Rivas 

Mexican multidisciplinary stage researcher and creator. For almost a decade he has worked as a stage director, dramaturgist, performer and producer for pieces of dance, theater and performance. Founder of Mierda Bonita Producciones, an interdisciplinary company committed to experimentation and research into languages and devices where the liminal space between the body and the happening, were the fiction and the document became theatricality as a ritual act. His works have been presented in countries such as Colombia, Germany and Italy.