Azzie McCutcheon

Azzie McCutcheon is a Berlin based dance artist creating work as a dancer, choreographer, movement practitioner and teacher. Her work in the contemporary dance scene spans different performative styles and collaborations including dance, physical theatre, performance installation, dance film and dance comedy. Azzie is a queer artist interested in performance as the place of transformation: a place for the sharing, exchanging, and developing of human experience. Currently her research interests are in using cross-disciplinary approaches to explore character archetypes in performance, and in disrupting perceptive experience in performance installations exploring topics such as the uncanny. During her time in London she was an associate to the DAP-Lab London and part is currently part of the collective NWD. In 2022 she was awarded a residency at Lake Studios funded by the Berlin Senat as part of the Residenzförderprogram Pilot Projekt and in 2023 has been awarded funding as part of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO Förderungprogramm.