Alma Reiss-Navarre

Alma is a multidisciplinary artist from New York City. They study Visual Art, Dance, and Accessibility at Bennington College, and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts this spring. Through the act of painting (in any medium), they aim to listen closely to the soft vibration or ‘hum’ omitted from all living and nonliving things. By creating scenarios of tension—between bodies in motion, colors in space, or memory and reality—they witness the exchanges that happen between the singular and the many, and process the discomfort of their own body’s frequency. This tension also functions as a grounds for Alma to mediate conflict, whether the subjects be musical, printed, or human in nature. It is through these acts of mediation that Alma investigates how to reduce harm within their communities. Their work is inherently Queer, colorful, and fluid. Alma’s choreography has been performed in venues such as Alvin Ailey Studios, New York Live Arts, The Whitaker Center Theater, and in the Martha Hill Dance Theater.