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UNFINISHED FRIDAYS #99 – Festival Edition

Jun 29th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

Celebrating 10 years of LAKE Studios Berlin with 10 special editions of our beloved work-in-progress performance series UNFINISHED FRIDAYS: # 91 – 100!  Volume 99 features:

Yen Fang Yu, Christine Börsch, and Judith Förster & Hannah Krebs

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* All 10 Year Anniversary Festival Events, including the performances, are free to attend with registration. Please reserve with the form below, or on our main Festival Program page.

PARTS AND PLACES . a ritual of peacing the body to whole – Christine Börsch-Supan 

Parts and Places is a personal ritual in which I sing, sound and breathe for different parts of my body, which need attention, mending or consoling, or that simply want to be alive.  The performance offers an audience to be part, rest, and/or participate in this ritual: An island of cushions, on which the audience is invited to lie down, is surrounded by six speakers. I am seated in front of the circle and share the ritual with the audience, distributing my sounds on the speakers surrounding the island. The audience is invited to rest in the emerging sound bath, feel its vibrations, and either simply receive or participate themselves.

Learning to Die by Your Side – Judith Förster & Hannah Krebs

The work-in-progress “Learning to Die by Your Side” is an emotionally charged research choreographed and performed by Judith Förster and Hannah Krebs. In this collaboration the two artists combine their expertise in character and world building with Judith’s material based practice involving set and costumes and Hannah’s methods on critically engaging in pop cultural references as a means of access and contemporary reflection. Inspired by “The Queer Art of Failure” by Jack Halberstam, “Learning to Die by Your Side” frames (fake) death as ultimate failure and thus as a truly anticapitalist empowering activity: Saying no to potentiality, to realism and to living up to expectations that are projected on female bodies. Viewing filmic and dance historical references of death (e.g. the dying swan) through a queer-feminist lens, they aim to transgress the gendered expressions of anger, despair, heroism and vulnerability that are dominating the topic in pop culture.

YU Yen-Fang, a solo work

Still Untitled 2023: A Work-In-Progress From Residency In Japan
Creation/ Performance YU Yen-FangTechnical co-ordinator CHEN Chen-Ting 

This is one of the early stages showing of this family history project. 
In January 2023, I traveled to Japan with a replicated suit of my grandfather’s in search of the footprint of my grandfather and granduncle. Both had a deep relationship to the colonial history between Taiwan and Japan. 

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