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UNFINISHED FRIDAYS #97 – Festival Edition

Jun 27th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

Celebrating 10 years of LAKE Studios Berlin with 10 special editions of our beloved work-in-progress performance series UNFINISHED FRIDAYS: # 91 – 100!  Volume 97 features:

Noah Rees & Johan Eggebrecht, Pauli Caldirola & VNNTX, and Lena Gatjen

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* All 10 Year Anniversary Festival Events, including the performances, are free to attend with registration. Please reserve with the form below, or on our main Festival Program page.

A Walk With Physical Reality DevicesLena Gätjens

in collaboration with Beatrix Joyce

Physical Reality Devices is a series of touchable visual objects that are part of a performative walk in public space. The view of the user is recombined in the analogue objects from two visual axes, thus questioning subjective perception. During the walk to different environments, an audio piece about the construction of perspective is interwoven with choreographical impulses.

Telekinesis Elemental – Paula Caldirola & Julianne Mosca

* Just as humanity has taken the leap into the technological realm and embraced Hyperconnectivity during the last decades, so did we decided to embrace it and explore its possibilities bringing it into our own telekinetic-microcosmos, the prism through which we see the world that sees us.

The technology designed specifically for the purpose of this performance enables us to use movement directly as input parameters for the generation of sound, mapping wearable devices data outputs to sound production devices data inputs. As a sort of sensorial-alchemy, we transform movement into sound.

Melting – Johann Eggebrecht and Noah Rees

Concept, choreography, performance: Johann Eggebrecht and Noah Rees

Feedback/outside eye: Diego Agulló 

Music: Constantin Carstens

In the creation process of the short piece “Melting” Noah Rees and Johann Eggebrecht were critically reflecting on masculinity and male friendship from a queer feminist perspective. Starting from the aesthetic framework  of a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight and theoretical inspiration from the author Bell Hooks they went on a embodied adventure in a confusing world of tendernes, aggression, fragility, competition, connection, holding and being held.

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