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UNFINISHED FRIDAYS #96 – Festival Edition

Jun 26th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

Celebrating 10 years of LAKE Studios Berlin with 10 special editions of our beloved work-in-progress performance series UNFINISHED FRIDAYS: # 91 – 100!  Volume 96 features:

Kira Kirsch & Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos, Maeve Johnson, and Cordelia Eleonore Lange

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* All 10 Year Anniversary Festival Events, including the performances, are free to attend with registration. Please reserve with the form below, or on our main Festival Program page.

BETWEEN NOTHING AND ETERNITY – Cordelia Eleonore Lange & Monocube

A collaborative process between Cordelia Lange (DE) and soundartist Monocube (DE/UA) exploring sound, voice, movement, and stillness. Inspired by Hans Jonas’ philosophy, the performance reflects on the indifference of nature and the finitude of human existence. I am fascinated by the inner struggle with our own power and the responsibility we bear for our actions, which becomes the measure of our morality when we face our fears in quiet introspection. The sound artist’s frozen statue acts as a binary reflection that mercilessly challenges me, the moving particle in the equation, and I seek to unravel. The work is an investigation into the eternal and the ephemeral, questioning the significance of existence and the purpose of creation.

dancing the camera / choreographing the edit – Maeve Johnson, Damian Charles

Who is dancing in this two dimensional space? What happens to choreography when time is non-linear, when we can come back, look again, loop, fragment, disappear? What about bodies,
can they still be visible when all that we see is their vision?
Damian Charles & Maeve Johnson want to share their nerdy research into editing as choreography and filming as dancing. It’s just the beginning of a process, more unstarted than unfinished and full of curiosity and possibility. We want to open our research with you in the format of informal conversation between us as we live edit in the space. It’s kinda like a cooking show – look here is our recipe and here is something we made earlier.

Camera: Damian Charles
Edit: Maeve Johnson
Music: Amber Mark, Franc Moody: Lose My Cool – Franc Moody remix

Many LivesKira Kirsch & Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos

Choreography and Performance: Jorge De Hoyos and Kira Kirsch

Kira and Jorge are learning to become worldly-wide travellers and are seeking out where the energy is. They teleport each other into worlds and situations that buzz with potential, coaching each other to leap through thresholds into uncharted ways of being. Through practicing comes the performance. 

For their Shared Practice class, they will share energetic principles and exercises from their common dance backgrounds and interests as well as scores and practices that form their current research together. 

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