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Mar 24th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

We are excited to present the 88th Volume of our work-in-progress series Unfinished Fridays, featuring new works/excerpts by our resident artists.

Entrance: Free, Reservation required – 


( buzzing ) blurs lines-shapes-feelings-senses. weaving together movement, video, projection, sound, live performance, and textile, we negotiate our past-present-future selves in space/time through the lens of memory: that which feels clear and distorted, close and far, real and unreal. how do we move with(in) and through memory when it holds us, haunts us, entangles us, frees us?

ROOTS – Katherine Leung
‘Roots’ is an ongoing research project about representing multi cultural identities through dance. This project aims to explore the traditional dances/movements which exist in Katherine’s ancestry, which includes Chinese, Scottish and Irish. By exploring and merging elements/rudiments of these styles of dance together (classical Chinese and Celtic dance) choreographed as representation of her identity in motion

Elegy on Black Ice – Javier Blanco and The Edge Art Company

Elegy on Black Ice” is an interdisciplinary choreography in which the body and the melting material serve as sources of inspiration. We imagine a fragile, changing, ephemeral aesthetic whose lifetime is limited and deteriorating, inviting us to participate in a dramaturgy of tragedy, an elegy on ice. https://theedgeartcompany.wordpress.com