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Unfinished Fridays #103

Sep 29th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

We are excited to present the 103rd volume of our work-in-progress series Unfinished Fridays, featuring new works/excerpts by resident artists:

Sasha Amaya, Polina Sonis, Rheremita Cera, Yuri Shimaoka


Entrance Free. Please Register:

Solo for Boy- Research from new work by Sasha Amaya

Concept, chorography, performance: Sasha Amaya

Performance: Félix Deepen

As part of her trilogy investigating and reimagining the European art canon from a non-European perspective, Sasha adds to her works Sarabande and her research work on Orfeo, with a new work examining the Western European male body in art and performance history.

My hair smells like wet grass – Polina Sonis

Choreography, performance: Polina Sonis

Choreographic assistance, outside eye: Alina Belyagina/ Sound design: Farhad Farzali/ Scent : Kim Gerlach/ Dramaturgical advice: Polina Fenko

The research is focused around the theme of memory and exploration of sensory part of the performative experience, of the flood of information we receive through smell, touch, vibration. Perceiving through senses, responding through instincts. Performer explores her bodymind archive through revisiting parts of her body biography that appear in a form of movement material, spoken word, video and scent, creating a sensorial memory landscape.  

Saturn and The Fool – Rheremita Cera

Direction, Choreography, Costume and Performance by Rheremita Cera

Live Music and Performance by Marina Cyrino and Samin/ Performance by Saar Rose/ Special thanks to Moira JA and Steffen Sennert

The Fool is associated with Uranus who is the father of Saturn, the God of Time.  The God of the Sky (Uranus) creates Changes and allows the rise of the Time. This piece is an etude by Rheremita Cera on provoking a relocation of symbols and archetypes from Greek-Roman mythology while weaving new Pussybilities in the face of the mono-culture society.

Ask Your Cell – Yuri Shimaoka

Based on the song  Jar of Hearts, Christina Perry

Ask Your Cell is a part of a live spatial sculpture making The Public Ego.With a picked up song, the performer seek the space of emotional connective tissue, that are shared as kinetic information, that might welcome possibility and myth of our subconscious network.I know I can’t take one more step towards you – Christina Perry said. Can we listen to us patiently?