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UNFINISHED FRIDAYS #93 – Festival Edition

Jun 22nd 2023 , 19:30 22:00

Celebrating 10 years of LAKE Studios Berlin with 10 special editions of our beloved work-in-progress performance series UNFINISHED FRIDAYS: # 91 – 100!  Volume 93 features:

Jessy Tuddenham, Gareth Okan and Lea Kieffer

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* All 10 Year Anniversary Festival Events, including the performances, are free to attend with registration. Please reserve with the form below, or on our main Festival Program page.

Gerry and the GeniusJessy Layne Tuddenham

Jessy took a joke writing class. Jessy wrote some jokes. But Jessy is a dancer. What does this have to do with Gerry and who is the genius? 

You’ll sit down, Jessy will stand up and together we will try to get to the bottom of it all. *Performed in English.

Compromised Working Conditions. (a working title) – Gareth Okan

 A little to the left?… nah that’s not right. What if I clamped this?… nah that’s not right. 

if only I had that no.8 Sprocket with me!

In a room where you don’t have all the tools, can your body be versatile enough to make up for it? Compromised working conditions attempts to weld together two different bodies of knowledge; a Woodworker and a Dancer. 

Encapsulated by a stage, can Gareth successfully produce fruits from his labour as he navigates the performative, the practical, and the inbetween ways his body interacts with what little materials he has at hand.

Meluzine the cosmic mermaid – Lea Kieffer in collaboration with Nina Hynes & Angela Muñoz

“I was walking through the desert when the floor melted and I failed into the deep sea of the universe. Cosmic waters, all around me. The mermaid is breathing inside of my body. Her songs and stories like waterfall through my limps spiraling out of my mouth into hypnotic spells. Surrender. The Moon Radio Whales are on. And they vibrate through your bones. Can you feel it?”

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