Sonya Levin – September 2020

We mothers

We creatures

We who drink and who let drink

We who are weak and who leak sometimes

We mothers wiping asses writing applications reading news

Where our sons and daughters kill and rape each other

We the five stars hotel and 3 michelin stars restaurant the best environment , the best teachers for the new people

M & m & m & m & m

Come close spread your arms feel the warm feeling in your chest

Fall forward and let me catch you

Embrace you

Wipe your tears

Wipe your ass

Give you my breast

And we both dive into the nature

Inside of us

The liquid flows from me to you

You male creature suck my boobies

When was the last time you were standing on the roof of Radialsystem and peeing in the river

Making out with your transgender lover

And creating poems

Puking a little on the heads of pigeons, calling police, calling your mother, asking her to call her mother

Praying to the religious creature that you have just now invented


Like a poem

Like a pigeon

Like I don’t know what

like this window

What do I must?

Why I must?