Dani Paiva de Miranda  Fire Burns Fire

Fogo Quema Fogo is a research between Gabriela Cordovez and Dani Paiva de Miranda:

Possibly we will achieve immortality, but it will have been at the price of life. Whoever wants to eradicate all pain will also have to eliminate death. But a life without death is not a human life, but a life of the living dead.“ – Byung Chul Han

„A voice means this: there is a living person, throat, chest, feelings, who launches this voice into the air… A voice involves the throat, the saliva. When the human voice vibrates, there is someone in flesh and blood who emits it .“ Adriana Cavarero

FOGO QUEMA FOGO activates a body that exists beyond the closure of its solid and visible limits.

FOGO QUEMA FOGO is a sound action that reveals the disruptive, overwhelming and at the same time subtle and phantasmagorical character of sound.

FOGO QUEMA FOGO evokes the forces and affections of the underground, the seismic shocks, the tremors.

FOGO QUEMA FOGO is a revelation and vocal affirmation of life

Residency blog posts

what did we do in lake?

today is the 3d of january.
together with Gabi we spent the whole december here.
trying let emerge the final details of your last creation : Fire Burns Fire
mostly we were asking ourselves how the light would take shape in our research as an emergence of the coreography?
which shape it would take?
from with source it would appear.
we have been trying to build sculptures which would light the space.

which space is built and needs to be build in order to make fire burns fire happen?
that was our main question.

and to answer we actually used no more then intuition
we still have few days here.

hopefully we can upload some photos.

and here one poem:

habita o verso nossa interdita povoação.
são tantas as pátrias destruindo o poema:
as palavras para que da memória não
[desista a poesia.

learning to use the blog