Technical Equipement

Artists with self-funded and sponsored (ie, MADE IN BERLIN) residencies, have free access to all technical equipment.

Otherwise, equipment may be rented by the hour or day. Some equipment requires instruction to use (for which there is a small fee) – Please inquire by writing:

Full Equipment List

Lighting Systems

  • Rigging system in the big studio
  • Standard theater light system with parcans, PCs, spots, floods, color gels etc.
  • UV black light / strobe light
  • 6x Stairville LED Par 64 COB RGBW 60W
  • 2x digital dimmers for the theater lights with 24 channels
  • 2x portable dimmers with 3 channels each
  • 1x portable dimmer with 6 channels (possibility for outside studio)
  • Total light channels on site: 42
  • 1x etc Smartfade 1248 light board
  • 1x light board
  • 1x USB DMX interface


  • 2x Beamer Epson EB-L200F, Laser projectors
  • 2x 4000 Lumen BEN Q, LED projectors
  • 2x Large Sanyo Venue Projector with Lamp (incl. Short throw lens)


  • 4x BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras, 4K flex out decoder, 1 joy stick controller
  • 1x SONY Alpha iii with 24 – 105 Sony (photo/video) 
  • 2x SONY PXW Z150 videocamera, plus 1 wide angle lens
  • 1x SONY F5 videocamera with lenses
  • 1x Blackmagic ATEM mini video mixer switcher 
  • 1x ATEM Streambridge
  • 1x Blackmagic assist video monitor
  • 2x Lighting kit (4 lamps total) for green screen and video 
  • 4x Video tripods
  • 1x Gorillapod 3K
  • 2x CAMLINK 4K (HDMI interface)
  • 1x Black Magic mini recorder (HDMI interface)
  • 3x Smartphone holders
  • 2x Rolling dollies for lights or cameras 
  • HDMI cables, HDMI splitter, SDI cables 20 & 30m and converters

Motion Capture

  • Rokoko suits in sizes S, M, L with 2x sensor sets
  • 2x Kinect v2


  • Stumpfl full white screen size: 16:9 – AM 500 x 281
  • 3 x 5m Lasergaze white screen and one 3x5m grey screen
  • Green screen Manfrotto: 4m wide x 2,90m high
  • rear projection 2x 3,50m: 3times 
  • Black curtains


  • Mixers in big studio, small studio and media lab
  • Genelec 8330 AWM (active speakers, big studio 4x, 2x small studio, 2x media lab)  
  • Genelec 7050 CPM (SUBwoofer)
  • 1x Genelec Interface
  • 32 pairs of Silent Disco Headphones, 3 transmitters (3 channels)
  • Bluetooth Speaker BOSE revolve II+
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen
  • 1x focusrite Scarlett audio interface (2 inputs)
  • 2 x Sennheiser / Shure Lavalier mikes 
  • 1x Samsung portable phone lavalier mike
  • 360 Degree Zoom sound recorder
  • 1x Zoom H8 sound recorder/interface
  • 1x HN2 sound recorder
  • hand held Microphones (wireless 1x and cord 4x) 


  • 1 apple ipad
  • 1 apple ipad mini                       
  • 15 inch powerbook
  • 1x iMac with ADOBE Suite for editing, etc.


  • BioAirD v1.0 (x1), BioBeat3D v1.2 (x2),  € BioVolt v2.2 x (x2), ReachOn v2.1 (x4), WiSystem (x2) 
  • ODD Ball (rubber ball which makes different sounds when contacted/bounced)

Also on site

  • diverse power, sound (XLR), DMX and computer adapter cables
  • HDMI Splitter box with 1 input and up to 4 simultaneous outputs to use with ethernet cables
  • card readers  
  • Fog Machine
  • usb ports/battery packs 
  • Nyrius Aries Pro+ Wireless HDMI transmitter (up to 50m)
  • Bungee cord/harness for weightless work (suspension possibility in large Studio)


  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Various video and other kinds of sound adaptors