Cathy Walsh  Games as Social Choreography

In this residency I will research Games through the lens of Social Choreography. Games can be seen as a kind of choreography – arranging bodies in time and space according to rules. Games that children play have a large cultural element, as they are passed down from generation to generation, and can be specific to geographical or linguistic regions. Social Choreography proposes that there are relationships between how a society plays and how it governs. It can therefore be informative to reflect on how we play, in order to notice how we are interacting from a young age. Social Choreography seeks to uncover underlying social relations and patterns through embodied practices, and games are a very embodied practice. I will collect games from my own experiences and by interviewing people about the physical games they play/played. We will play these games together in a workshop setting with a feedback session afterwards to discuss each game and how we feel about them. This work focuses on interactive practices and participation, seeking to connect people and invigorate imagination through play. Based on the feedback collected after the games I would continue the artistic research to develop an interactive performance piece.