Elisa Siegmund | IceDanceTheater-Fusion Elisa’s Residency

With ice skates and an ice floor I examine emotional imbalances in a gliding game with gravitational
forces. The climate-induced loss of ice drove me to the “alternative” of synthetic ice and new physical
challenges due to its extremely limited gliding ability but also its flexible adaptability to local
Based on a somatic confrontation with synthetic ice and ruptures in my life, autobiographical
material of a search for development potential was created with the support of Dr. Maren Witte
(dramaturge, dance scientist, TANZSCOUT).
Together with her and Birgit Aust (expert for contemporary ice skating, eiskunst-werkstatt), I will use
my residency at LAKE Studios to further develop existing scene images.
Projections will act as dialog partners and support me in the development of new movement
potentials on uncertain ground.