Ana Libório Ana’s Residency

a time a space a body. a queer – encounter ecology. Ana Libório explores experimental dissonances of a hybrid body in the digital and non-digital interfaces. The performative space is expanded by playing with digital choreographies and writings. In this research, the artist reflects on hybridity and post-humanist issues as new understandings for digital utopias of care. A space that is looking for meaning as it emerges between humans and non-humans spheres.The performative body decides to inhabit a digital space asking the audience who stands beyond the perspective and what is the reality of the seen image. The real seems nameless when a body presents all the modulations of themselves. An immersive and contemplative environment that stimulates other ways of being together.

Residency blog posts

Notes on the research


As a way to connect a possible epistemology and a body-based practice – I perceived this research has a decentralized practice(s) that unwind patterns, systems, architectures, and times. Evoking concepts like hybridity, digital utopias, frictions, and fictions as states of high exposure I engaged with an ecosystem of techno-empathic performative practices that follows tangentially dramaturgies rather than a linear concept. Exercises of perceptual reconfiguration where non-human and human bodies in contemporary arts are questioned throw digital and body-based practices, to emerge into new planetarium subjectivities. Performance arts starts to adjust to the needs of technological societies and is inevitable that my artist research ends up also reflecting on hybridity and post-humanist concepts of techno-representations. New understandings about the concept of more than humans in the performative experience where the stage is also occupied by other bodies (hybrids) that are not only human.

photo by Maria Kousi