Yulia Kim Yulia’s Residency

Blooming again from where it died,
Blooming again from where it died,

Everything goes and comes back again,
Like inhaling and exhaling

Drawing a circle,
Drawing a circle,

Where the flow of time doesn’t exist,
Where time has collapsed,Only the present remains,
Here lies endless eternity.

Residency blog posts


My project, “Being,” explores the cycle of nature and the significance of being present. The choreographic intent is to express the eternity of the present moment within the infinite cycle of nature. Often, amidst the chaos of nature, we lose sight of the present by dwelling on the past or worrying about the uncertain future.

This piece aims to convey the endless present moment in which we breathe, highlighting its significance against the backdrop of the meaningless flow of time. The use of stones in the piece serves as a metaphor for the natural cycle. These stones, varying in size, represent the outcomes of accumulated time, with each stone symbolizing a distinct present moment.