How it would sound like a landscape of decolonizing my voice and my body? Where, my voice and
body, have been colonized by academia, ancestry, identity, history…?
Vocal Roots is a contemporary vocal-physical sound work based on understanding the human
body as the instrument: a whole cavity of resonance with its own organic musical entity.
Via voice, movement and embodiment I began with exploring the origin of life: vibration. There, I
presumed I would find a reasonably timeless and non-individual space in order to unlearn, to free,
to heal, to discover territories of dialogue and transformation.
Cascading inner and outer voices, layers of bodily sounds, navigating between friction and
pleasure I discovered a seductive source of sound-speech within the human body and a vast
knowledge and power for voicing.
Vocal Roots takes shapes; in one side, as a sound-music album fully composed and recorded with
my body and my voice, and as a solo scenic arts piece.