Javier de La Rosa Sánchez, Georgia Bettens, & Dakota Comin · Apr/May 2021

“… a place where time can wait.” – Xavier Le Roy


We are Georgia Bettens, Dakota Comín and Javier De La Rosa Sánchez. We are three Berlin based dancers and performance artists, Dakota and Javier from Spain, and Georgia from Australia.

May 8th

During the first two weeks, we have been investigating the idea of living landscapes, more specifically the process of creating and sustaining landscapes both in our bodies and through the space. We are existing in the ambiguous state of transformation itself, researching how the residue of one task can affect the next one, and vice versa. At this point, we are working between two clear physicalities: ‘rocking’ and ‘impossible trajectories’. A continuous transformation is happening from a subtle action of rocking together, towards an individual research in trajectories. Present in both tasks is a sustained mediative pace, as well as a required commitment.

Here, a continuous transformation is happening, propelled by a subtle, continuous rocking action. We become one amalgamated organism, a big mess of limbs and heads, moving independently, united through a sustained rock. From here, we allow ourselves to roam through this puzzle of bodies. With an absence of intention or projected destination, we work to honor the experience transformation, noticing that by existing completely in the present, it opens up a multitude of possibilities for the next movement pathway.

Impossible trajectories:
Here we are working with movement trajectories, moving the space inside our body as well as our body in space. We are playing with achievable and unachievable trajectories, finding particularly interest with the seemingly impossible ones. This physicality has been layered with residue from several other tasks we have investigated together, and as such, is a particularly dense and rich place to work from.

Other relevant ideas/imagery:
Circuit, seaweeds, monsters, resistance, unfamiliar places, tensegrity, landscape, residue, constellation, disagreement/conflict, transport/roaming, slowing down, spheric, space between, density, sounds of nature, infinite loop, organic.

May 13th

This body is not completely mine.

Is the body ever finished?

How to start form the beginning if things start before they happen?

Is there space for transformation within a trajectory?

What is my role in a continually evolving constellation?

What is the impact of interdependency on my trajectory?

The way of going back is a way of going forward.

Constant reconfiguring.

Diversity growing in the movement and between ourselves

transport/ trajectory/ transform/ tensegrity


Photo: Diego Andrés Moscoso

Photo: Diego Andrés Moscoso