Haneul Kang · Dec 2 – Feb 21



As an actor, performance creator, musician, sound designer, and workshop leader, I have been creating performing arts.
Therefore, I name my self as ‘performer-creator’. My keywords are ‘body’ ‘sense’ ‘non-verbal language’ ‘sound’. Through these keywords, I try to seek my identity. Also, I had some musical projects as a leader of the band ‘swimmingdoll’ and sound designer of performing art.
Also, I’ve met children and youth as a drama/sensory workshop leader. I am motivated on process-centered creative works, and holistic theater art which is centered to body language and sensorial experience.


Searching for Home (in Berlin)

The project, which began in Westfjords artist residency, Iceland, started with a personal question, ‘where should I be ?’ and drew on meanings of ‘home’ based on body, sound, text and sensory experiences. Berlin is a city where various races and generations, including foreigners and immigrants, gather and collide organically. It is also a city of people who have left their hometown. What does ‘home’ mean for Berlin? This project is linked to my work in Westfjords residency and aims to deal with the subject in the form of audience participation performance in social context through expanding from personal narrative to social context. I will also experiment with the question, ‘how does the process of audience participation performance and the meaning of works vary depending on site, environment and community?’ as a key question.

December 5. 2020