Marie-Louise Schneider

Marie-Louise Schneider lives in Basel and works as an artist with the media of voice, body, text and violin. She creates solo and collectively in various collaborations. In their last collaboration with Christoph Schiller (Lamento), they courageously wove Monteverdi’s Lamento d’Ariana through music and dance in collaged sound languages. Solo she created Luftbrotmehl(2023), Sonnenuhr (2023), Rette Sotto voce (2023), Malou durch den WindWind (2022) and tailored to special occasions and locations.She works with Catalina Gutierrez in a duo (Cendres de Cannelle, 2023) and in a trio with Maria Luisa Pizzighella, with Sylvain Monchocé in a duo (Hunting Grounds 2021) and in a trio Brauchpoesie with Emiliano Salvatore (Such Things). In the Tabula Rasa collective she works with Iulia-Andreea Smea, Maria Munoz, Anna Sowa (3Geigen, 2025) and has worked with Zacarias Maia, Rahel Boell and Noah Rosen (1+2=3 2023) as well as Lara Süss and Chi Him Chik (Tabula Rasa, 2022).