Manuela Lucia Tessi 

Manuela Lucia Tessi : I am an Italian dance artist based in the Netherlands since 1999. I have a very strong interest in music, and create work in collaboration with composers and musicians from very diverse backgrounds, as well as co-curate platforms that foster the interdisciplinary collaboration of music and dance in performance.  I am trained as a contemporary dancer at the AHK in Amsterdam, and continue to study and work with amongst others, Katie Duck, a great creative influence. Some long lasting and new collaborations are with flutist Friederike Wendorf, with whom I started the series Musiktanznulldreissig in Berlin (while resident at Lake Studios in 2014), the ensemble Moving Strings in Amsterdam, he newly formed performance group Collettivo Nebulae, between Italy and the Netherlands, dancer Thalia Laric with whom I created MusicDance , an annual project taking place in Cape Town since 2018, choreographer Makiko Ito with whom I work in performances for the youngest (0-6 years).Some of my most recent works include duo performances with musicians: “The Shell” with drummer/ and multi instrumentalist Ben Brown, “Dom Shemesh” with guitarist Omer Sigler and “Sela (Aire)”  a composition by Margriet Hoenderdos that I performed with bass clarinetist Fie Schouten.

Sarah Hermanutz I am a Canadian artist based in Berlin since 2012, with an MFA in Media Environments from the Bauhaus University Weimar in 2021 and previous education in textiles and classical animation. My performative and installation-based projects are often preoccupied with water, mud, wetlands, and amphibious life, while exploring neurodiversity, social cognition, awkward embodiments and human/non-human ecologies.  I often work collaboratively. Since 2015 I am a co-founding member of the Berlin-based art-science-technology community Lacuna Lab, and the art-science collective DIY Hack the Panke (since 2018) with whom I create workshops, performances, and installations engaged with Berlin’s Panke river.  My performances and installations are frequently presented with the gallery Art Laboratory Berlin, and past residencies include Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal) and Critical Media Lab (Basel). My installations, lectures, performances, and workshops have been presented across Europe, North America, and Australia. 

Tamara van IJperen I am a theatre maker, writer, teacher and actor.In my creative work I often draw inspiration from scientific concepts, astronomy, mythology and mathematical theories to write poetic texts and evoke unique movement qualities. The plays I write and direct are all centered around big universal concepts – zooming out from our daily reality and shifting focus to a grand image of how the world used to be, could or should be. By exploring these complex themes in poetic text I enjoy creating new universes wherein words, movement and emotions meet.  I completed my studies in Drama at the KASK Royal Conservatory School of Arts in Ghent, where I was trained to be a theatre maker and actor. I performed in productions from a.o. Willem de Wolf, Myriam van Imschoot and Fumiyo Ikeda. For my graduation performance in 2017 I created a play called Atlas Atlant based on the Greek myth of Atlas, carrier of the firmament, in collaboration with the ‘Kopergietery’. For Toneelacademie Maastricht (institute of performative arts) I created a production with the title DNA of the Universe; a new myth about the designers of the universe. In 2022 I created a solo Gaia/Theia – a poetic monologue about the giant-impact hypothesis – a theory in astrogeology for the formation of our planet and moon. More recently I have created, written and directed two brand new plays for the ‘Music Theatre Lab’ at a Dutch secondary school, where I also teach theatre to special groups of young gifted children.Besides my work in theatre I am an avid writer of poetry and prose. I enjoy to shape, mold, create and play with words; to give them form and let them transform one another.