Daniele Albanese_Compagnia Stalker

Daniele Albanese is a choreographer, dancer and performer based between Italy and Berlin.
After having trained as a gymnast and ballet dancer, he obtained a BA at EDDC (now ArtEZ) in
Arnhem – The Netherlands where he studied with leading figures linked to American Postmodern Dance.

In 2002 he established his own company Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese in order to explore
dance as a language.

His research explores the constant flow that goes from the body as an object to the body as a subject
through a flux of transformations in which gestures become abstractions and vice versa.
His works display the hybrid forms that arise in the transition from a place to another, from a
movement to another, where boundaries are not seen as obstacles but rather as a point of turmoil
that generates new ways of encountering the audience, thus leading to unusual dimensions of

Since 2022 he is an Alexander Technique Teacher: he graduated from the  Schule für Alexander Technik directed by Dan Armon in Berlin.