Cardin Chung

Cardin Chung is a dancer and musician from Longview, WA and is based in Los Angeles CA, and Portland Oregon. Under the life mentorship of Corina Kinnear, Cardin trained at NW Dance Project’s youth program and under Franco Nieto at Open Space Dance. Currently, he is a 3rd-year at the University of Southern California, majoring in dance (Glorya Kaufman School of Dance), and minoring in Jazz Piano and Web Development. As a dancer, Cardin has had the pleasure working with FLOCK Dance, Roderick George, Keelan Whitmore, Robert Moses, Alex Ketley, and Ihsan Rustem. As a musician-dancer, Cardin is currently fascinated with the varying relationships and understandings of sound and movement. How do the interplay of different viscosities play with textures? He doesn’t know yet, but maybe he’ll find out someday.