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Feb 17th 2023 , 19:30 22:00

We are excited to present the 87th Volume of our work-in-progress series Unfinished Fridays, featuring new works/excerpts by our resident artists.

With: Sarah Jegelka , Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos Jr., Kira Maria Kirsch, Naïma Mazic, Cory Tamler

The performance takes place live at LAKE Studios, starting at 19:30.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1245590562717827

“ALBUM (a search)” – Naïma Mazic

Naïma Mazic is currently conducting a research for her new work with n ï m company ALBUM, subjectivity of a jazzmuse. The piece is based on songs named after wives and lovers of musicians or written by female jazz musicians. Each a place of encounter – played, danced and/or listened to. Naïma Mazic has been investigating a (poly)rhythmical communication and thinking between dancers and musicians, asking questions such as “What is Jazz-apprehension of time? How can a choreographic score be developed out of the form of a leadsheet?” Maeve, Hanna, Evi on vibraphone and Naïma are making and sharing their own moving, sounding, feminine Album.

“10 questions to ask your watershed” – Cory Tamler with Jennie Hahn

During this residency period at Lake Studios, Cory and her longtime collaborator Jennie (based in Wabanaki/Maine) are engaging in a long-distance codesigned research process with pieces of their local watersheds. Our starting questions include: How do humans map cultural imaginaries shaped in one place onto another? How do we each practice knowing place in companionship with water, in situated understanding of settler/Native perspectives? How do we draw connections between waterways/waterscapes? “10 questions to ask your watershed” is a first sharing of this research, sourced from first encounters with our local watersheds and built through a practice of passing performance texts back and forth and allowing words, imagery, and embodiment to sediment and erode as the texts move.

Travelling – Kira Kirsch and Jorge De Hoyos

Music: “It Was a Pleasure Then” by Nico

Each person in the world is a world into themselves–therefore a world of many worlds intersecting. Each person themself is a world of many worlds intersecting–many more worlds! Kira and Jorge are learning to become worldly-wide travellers. 

minutes of earth – Sarah Jegelka & Hannes Buder 

A sound and dance improvisation. Cello, voice, movement. In our work we explore the different shapes of sound and body language – researching about the liveliness of a collective body. What role does the individuum play? The liveliness within ourselves?

Entrance: Free, Reservation required –