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Unfinished Fridays #81

Jun 17th 2022 , 19:30 22:00

LAKE Studios is back live with Unfinished Fridays! Volume 81 features new works/excerpts by residents:

Rodrigo Chaverini, Virginia Negru, Eva Baudry & Roland Walter.

The performance takes place live at LAKE Studios, starting at 19:30.

Entrance: Free, Reservation required

~ ~ ~



On a musical journey. What do I need to be happy? How do emotions affect you?

Concept and Idea: Roland Walter, Directed by: Kiki Havemann

VIRGINIA NEGRU — dance-in-progress (temporary title)

..that kind of nothing that is actually something but it’s hard to see it, or not yet know its category of somethingness. Between the ‘i don’t know’ and the ‘i know’, something appears to take a shape, then it slips between my fingers. Only if I could stay here for a little longer, watch the fibres of time weave into form. Not struggle to produce anything, but let creation emerge as a consequence of the way I pay attention.


Fónico (Phonic) has its origins in the air, it is inside of the body. From an action that unites breathing, voice and movement. States of body, environment and system that allow their transformation to be seen, inviting the activation of the senses. Fónico’s process starts for “El Estudio II” (Santiago, CL), and as a work in progress, it was shown in “Raw Matters” (Vienna, AT) and “Ciclo de Danza UDLA” (Santiago, CL).

EVA BAUDRY — Dissection / Reconstitution

Moving reflexion towards those two actions as gestures to look, transform, and feel images which are being part of my reality.

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