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STREAMS. Catching Caches.

Dec 9th 2023 Dec 10th 2023

A performative piece developed by Julia Novacek and Artemiy Shokin

Saturday, December 9th @19:30

Sunday, December 10th @18:00

Duration: 75 min

Tickets at the Door – Pay As You Can

How is knowledge created? What makes something credible – a proof?What does this mean for a social and political space? How are dataanalyzed, and which voice is attributed to what form of truth?

Experts in stenography, climate research, data forensics, and astrology find themselves in an exemplary field of tension in »STREAMS. Catching Caches« they observe, record, and make statements about their surroundings. Climate researcher Helga Kromp-Kolb, science and technology researchers Katja Mayer and Sofie Kronberger, complexity researcher Jana Lasser, stenographer Gerald Amon, and other experts who document and record their environment through different strategies of special attention, generating (new) truths through various practices, are the collaborators on this evening. Interviews, protocols, 3D models, fortune-telling, and predictions constitute the material for »STREAMS.« 

The data becomes the narrative web of a speculative character (Clara Reiner), who guides through the documentary material of the evening using queer-feminist strategies. A stenographer and a media artist work alongside her. Live, various datasets and fields of knowledge merge, forming a performative algorithm from the analog to the digital space and back. What happens when different forms of knowledge generation encounter and ally in the performative space?


Concept, Artistic Direction, Staging, Video: Julia Novacek

Concept, Artistic Direction, Stage, Costume: Artemiy Shokin

Experts: Helga Kromp-Kolb, Sofie Kronberger, Jana Lasser,Katja Mayer, Alice Vadrot, Gerald Amon, Harald Thurnher

Choreography and Performance: Clara Reiner

Stenography and Performance: Monika Schmatzberger

Animation, Programming, and Media Technology: Eni Brandner

Music and Sound Design: Sara Trawöger

Dramaturgy: Elena Höbarth, Anna Laner

Production Management: Claudia Carus, Benjamin Kornfeld

Press and Public Relations: Julia Koch

A production by Salon Situation in co-production with Werk X – Petersplatz. Supported by theCultural Department of the City of Vienna, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Public Service,and Sports, and the Women’s Service of the City of Vienna.

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