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Recharge Sunday

Feb 18th 2024 , 10:00 18:00

Movement — Voice — Sauna Day Retreat

This gathering will weave together different practices of movement and voice work, food and a sauna. The movement part will facilitate a process of unlocking and expanding the range of possibilities of expression that are in our physical and mental body, fine tuning our awareness and making ourselves available to whatever is moving us and within us. The teaching is inspired by Feldenkrais, contact improvisation and different dance improvisation techniques. The voice part includes excerpts from classical vocal and breath training as well as a holistic approach to voice work inspired by the Lichtenberg method. We will sing and shake together, improvise and approach our sound from different angles in order to gain a new perspective and a positive approach to our own voice.
Through those practices we will direct our attention and intention towards an honest and deep connection with our core, welcoming what is alive in our depth and reclaim safety and joy in our broad expression potential. We are welcoming different textures of vocal and bodily expression and see how finding our individual and authentic voices within a group context supports integration and pleasure.
The finale of the workshop includes the opportunity to enjoy ourselves in the Sauna in the beautiful garden of Lake Studios and melt away any bits of ice still left in our collective tissue.
No previous experience with movement, voice or sauna needed!
Participants are invited to bring a dish to share with the group in a shared lunch.

How much?

If you earn less than 1000€ per month you can pay 100€

How to register?

Places are limited! To save your spot please fill out the form HERE

About the teachers:

Joanna is a musician, coach and singer, choir leader and nature lover. She teaches Hatha – and Vinyasa yoga for 12 years with a focus on precise and individual alignment. Joanna teaches with great joy and humour and teaches a playful approach to self-expression. She experienced her first mystical choral experiences as a child in the church choir. Since then it has been a great passion to work with voices.

Naama is a somatic educator that supports people in their self-transformative processes and in bringing social change. Naama is a Yoga, dance and Feldenkrais teacher and a freelance dancer and choreographer. With experience in teaching those practices for more than 15 years.

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