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Sep 10th 2023 , 10:00 Sep 14th 2023 , 15:30

5-day peer exchange for movement and dance educators
September 10 – 14 2023 at Lake Studios Berlin.

“Preparing for what?”

The recently Berlin-born project mov*ed wants to open spaces that cultivate and nurture the value of collaborative dance research and instigate generative exchange among dance professionals.

The mov*ed IMPULSTAGE is our first in-person event to literally give and take impulses from other practices, disciplines and in conversation with each other to stimulate and reflect on our own teaching practices as well as setting new research trajectories into motion.

Open to Berlin based movement and dance educators interested in exchange and research. The initiative question of the event: “Preparing for What?” invites different perspectives, objectives and philosophies with the aim to better understand our shared field as an ecology and to consider and be inspired by the diverse and numerous preparations and relations there are. Further we would like to foster a sense of community and offer each other inspiration towards an alive and accountable teaching practice. 


Daily impulses given in the form of 1,5 hr session will start the day, followed by a laboratory, a speed sharing and for those that can stay the day ends with a casual social hour enjoying the garden and surrounding natures of Lake Studios.

10:00 to 11:30 — Morning Impulse

11:30 to 12:00 — Snacks

12:00 to 14:00 — Lab Time

14:30 — Speed Sharing

14:30 to 15:30 — Social Hour

Invited guests giving impulses so far are: 

Sophie Reichert – Anthropologist in Dance as a Research Practice

Tobi Portella – Physiotherapist, Fighting Monkey practitioner, Martial Artist

Akemi Nagao & Sabrina Huth – Dance Artists and Choreographers 

The event is free of charge for participants and additionally there is an open call for contributions for two of the impulse sessions. Read more in the attached PDF

With this invitation and call we would love to reach active teachers and researchers of the incredibly large and rich dance- or movement/embodiment scene in Berlin, as well as experts from other professions/ fields.

Dont hesitate to contact us for questions or drop us a line if you would like to join one or more days at: 

mov*ed is a recently founded platform that seeks to cultivate and nurture collaborative research and generative exchange among teaching dance professionals. Driven by a fascination with the ecology of dance practices and their potential, mov*ed serves as both a virtual connection and a facilitator of in-person events like impulstage, symposiums, research residencies or trainings. Our primary focus is on offering a dynamic space for research in dance training and dance pedagogies, inspiring long-standing teaching practices to explore emergent avenues of knowledge and perspectives. It is our wish to remain engaged and cultivate accountability towards developments in the field of movement and dance, as well as training and dance science. mov*ed is an incubator to encourage inventive ways for peer collaboration, experimental pedagogy, sharing knowledge and ignite new ideas.

mov*ed is initiated by Diana Thielen, Kira Kirsch, Marianne Linder, Antoine Ragot and Filippo Serra

www.movementeducators.net (the website will be online by the end of August)

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