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ABOUT DANCE VOL. 5 — Pain & Care

Sep 25th 2021 Sep 26th 2021

click HERE for a written review of Vol. 5

Trailer for Pain & Care

Saturday Doors open 18:30, Show 19:30

“Still Quacking!”

An Evening with Puddles the Pelican and “Creatures from the Deep”

Post performance discussion w/ drinks following the show 

Saturday The Cruise Ship Famous Puddles, Trash Queen, Address of Mother Earth, Pelican on a Journey, will be singing the shit out of 2 sets of songs together with her new Band  Creatures from the Deep.  

The Creatures are Quentin Tolimieri on Keys, Liliana Zieniawa on Vibes and Drums, Raj Prasad on Bass. Right!?! 1st Set its blood and guts cabaret with stories and apocalypse jokes ah la Puddles. 2nd Set HERE COMES THE FLOOD or original torch songs BOOM. Get ready for some feeling in this vast desert of ugh oh woah and aaahhh! Wahh Ahh Ahh!

Sunday 10:30 – 15h:

“Shitting My Brains Out Making Art Got A Gift Card” (labor politic re-birthing workshop, no pushing required, hosted by the Battlefield Nurse) 

A forum/workshop for precarious cultural workers to reflect, reorganize, rejuvenate, have a laugh about the paradoxes in the field, and map out ways to work better and care for ourselves in the present and the future. 

The Battlefield Nurse, is the Mother Sister Cousin Daughter of every soldier who ever died on the Battlefield is 5,000 and this bitch is tired of smiling. The Nurse will lead a little day long easy workshop regarding labor politics in the field of cultural production, tougher than a torn hernia it is, the field should be called Death Match 7, She will begin by asking about your digestive system and it will all end in passing out tissues and trigger warnings as she will screen Crisis Karaoke 1 and maybe Crisis Karaoke 2 if you’re not too shook up about #1. The universe is old and so is the nurse (although she does not look a day over 4,999) so maybe we will just make sock puppets and gossip about Tanz Im August.  

Artist biographies

The Battlefield Nurse: “No. More. Overzealous. Attempts. To. Outsmart. Neoliberal. Agendas. Because. We. Just. Can’t. But. We. Must. Make. A. Body. And. A. World. On. New. Terms. Take. Care. Of. Ourselves. And. Each. Other.” – The Battlefield Nurse   

“If you want to be an artist think twice about this before you get too deep. If you’re a plumber you will have constant work, you can paint in your free time but let’s be clear you will be dealing with much more shit as an artist than you would as a plumber.”  – The Battlefield Nurse 

“I try not to use the term artist anymore because it’s too connected to the word flower, the term artist is exclusive and mysterious. I’m a worker in the cultural field not a flower. Every cent I make comes from the government. Yet I don’t have the same basic workers’ rights as the lowest paid worker in a government building. Labor politics are often easily misconstrued when the term artist is thrown around.” – Jeremy Wade

Puddles the Pelican is a broken, scrappy, one-eyed bird of a cabaret singer, who lives on a cruise ship at the end of time. A survivor of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, Puddles sings, squawks, moans, and tells stories of love and loss to keep the cruise ship passengers awake as they sail towards a howl – blind, eternal, and empty – on a sea that is no longer blue, but a rusted dark orange. Choking on bits of tar, flailing, all-fantastic Puddles quacks: “Once a glorious bird, now covered in oil. Which one of you bitches has a match?”

Puddles the Pelican is paying homage to a political legacy of drag. Every joke, every cringeworthy moment of silence, every tear shed on stage is an effort to reciprocate with a queer community, to weave trauma, loss, and non-belonging while walking through the swamp and moving onwards to the clearing. The show addresses many socio-political issues of our time; we repeatedly receive feedback from people that not only does the work create a video in their minds from start to finish, but that some of the songs and jokes help people work through their overwhelming existence and help them to get home at night. This performance is in service of the community as a connection-hub for both mourning and celebrating the complicated now.

 “Let’s be honest, if you’re in Show Biz, success usually depends on burnout. It’s a lot of work to put on a fucking show. Winning is so over rated. Whatever you do don’t win, it’s not worth it. It’s like longevity, so overrated. Just give them 20% otherwise you’re getting fucked in the ass. And who doesn’t like to get fucked in the ass? Usually there is a line around the block for that, but this winning thing is like getting fucked by a smart car, no lube in sight, and it’s a definitely not your color. 20% kids, just give em 20%.” – Puddles the Pelican

Trigger Warning Puddles

Few parts of this show consist of material situating intense emotional moments that could affect some spectators. Please consider to press pause or to stop if you are having a hard time. Don’t take a risk. “Hang in there but not off the edge of the ship” says Puddles the Pelican.

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