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May 1st 2021 May 2nd 2021

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Trailer for Ecology & Artistic Practice

Proposed and moderated by Mårten Spångberg and Alex Viteri Arturo, with online contributions by Andre Lepecki, Nina Power, Filipa Ramos, Julian Reid, Jana Unmüßig and Miriam Jacob, and Jota Mombaça.

Dance is facing different futures. Futures that is simultaneously blurry and vague, all too obvious and frightening, confusing and anxiety producing. This weekend gathering attempt to open up for discussions on how dance and performing arts can navigate the necessity to actively engage with the world, its injustices, and suffering, without giving up arts autonomy and the importance of independent narratives and voices. 

Under the umbrella of ecology; health, care, interspecies life, breathing, public space, agency, grief and visionary narration are some of the themes that will be processed by a group of people present at LAKE Studios supported by online participation by artists, activists, and scholars.


Saturday 1 May 

13.30 – Welcome 

14.00 – Nina Power 

16.00 – André Lepecki 

17.30 – Jota Mombaça 

Sunday 2 May

13.15 – Welcome 

13.30 – Jana Unmüßig with Miriam Jacob

16.00 – Julian Reid 

17.30 – Filipa Ramos 

ABOUT the artists

Andre Lepecki is a writer and curator working mainly on performance studies, choreography and dramaturgy. He is a Professor and the chair of the Department of Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He has published widely and edited several anthologies.

Jota Mombaça is an interdisciplinary artist whose work derives from poetry, critical theory, and performance. The sonic and visual matter of words plays an important role in their practice, which often relates to anti-colonial critique and gender disobedience. Through performance, visionary fiction, and situational strategies of knowledge production, they intend to rehearse the end of the world as we know it and the figuration of what comes after we dislodge the Modern-Colonial subject off its podium.

Nina Power is a cultural critic, Philosopher and social theorist. She was a senior lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University and the author of One-Dimensional Woman (Zero) and the forthcoming What Do Men Want? (Penguin). She is currently teaching at the Mary Ward Centre in London. Her recent work concerns freedom, health, dialogue and reconciliation.

Filipa Ramos is a curator, art critic and editor based in London. Among many other projects she is the co-curator together with Lucia Pietroiusti the symposia series The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish, 2018-ungoing. Her research focuses on how moving images address environmental and ecological topics and in particular on the modes in which artists’ cinema fosters interspecies relationships across humans, nonhumans and machines.

Julian Reid is Professor of International Relations at the University of Lapland, Finland. He is the author and coauthor of several books including Biopolitics of the War on Terror, Becoming Indigenous (with David Chandler), The Neoliberal Subject (also with Chandler), Resilient Life (with Brad Evans), and The Liberal Way of War (with Michael Dillon).

Mårten Spångberg is a performance related artist living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that he has approached through experimental practices and creative processes in multiplicity of formats and expressions. 

Jana Unmüßig with Miriam Jacob, is a Helsinki-based artist with a background in choreography. 2019/2020 she held a post-doc position at the Center for Artistic Research Uniarts where she received a doctorate in 2018. In collaboration with Berlin-based choreographer and performer Miriam Jakob, she currently conducts the artistic research project “Breathing With” in the frame of the Berlin Artistic Research Program.

Miriam Jakob is a choreographer and anthropologist focusing on the interface between science and fiction. She graduated from the MA Choreography at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam (DAS Choreography), holds a BA in dance, context, choreography and an MA in Anthropology.

Alex Viteri is a South American performer and scholar based in Berlin. These days, working mostly at the threshold of the visual arts and dance. Viteri grew up alongside the Andes and, Ruco Pichincha and Cotopaxi continue to hunt her artistic practice. Inspired by feminist decolonial activists and thinkers, her research cares for alternative modes of knowledge and the sharing of brown affects. Mapped to the Closest Address.wordpress.com 

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