Technischen Ausstattung

Künstler*innen mit selbstfinanzierten und geförderten (z.B. MADE IN BERLIN) Residenzen haben freien Zugang zu allen technischen Ausstattungen

Ansonsten können die Ausstattungen stunden- oder tageweise gemietet werden. Für einige Geräte ist eine Einweisung erforderlich (gegen eine geringe Gebühr) – Bitte schriftlich anfragen unter:

Full Equipment List

Lighting Systems

  • Rigging system in the big studio
  • Standard theater light system with parcans, PCs, spots, floods, color gels etc.
  • UV black light / strobe light
  • 6x Stairville LED Par 64 COB RGBW 60W
  • 2x digital dimmers for the theater lights with 24 channels
  • 2x portable dimmers with 3 channels each
  • 1x portable dimmer with 6 channels (possibility for outside studio)
  • Total light channels on site: 42
  • 1x etc Smartfade 1248 light board
  • 1x light board
  • 1x USB DMX interface


  • 2x Beamer Epson EB-L200F, Laser projectors
  • 2x 4000 Lumen BEN Q, LED projectors
  • 2x Large Sanyo Venue Projector with Lamp (incl. Short throw lens)


  • 4x BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras, 4K flex out decoder, 1 joy stick controller
  • 1x SONY Alpha iii with 24 – 105 Sony (photo/video) 
  • 2x SONY PXW Z150 videocamera, plus 1 wide angle lens
  • 1x SONY F5 videocamera with lenses
  • 1x Blackmagic ATEM mini video mixer switcher 
  • 1x ATEM Streambridge
  • 1x Blackmagic assist video monitor
  • 2x Lighting kit (4 lamps total) for green screen and video 
  • 4x Video tripods
  • 1x Gorillapod 3K
  • 2x CAMLINK 4K (HDMI interface)
  • 1x Black Magic mini recorder (HDMI interface)
  • 3x Smartphone holders
  • 2x Rolling dollies for lights or cameras 
  • HDMI cables, HDMI splitter, SDI cables 20 & 30m and converters

Motion Capture

  • Rokoko suits in sizes S, M, L with 2x sensor sets
  • 2x Kinect v2


  • Stumpfl full white screen size: 16:9 – AM 500 x 281
  • 3 x 5m Lasergaze white screen and one 3x5m grey screen
  • Green screen Manfrotto: 4m wide x 2,90m high
  • rear projection 2x 3,50m: 3times 
  • Black curtains


  • Mixers in big studio, small studio and media lab
  • Genelec 8330 AWM (active speakers, big studio 4x, 2x small studio, 2x media lab)  
  • Genelec 7050 CPM (SUBwoofer)
  • 1x Genelec Interface
  • 32 pairs of Silent Disco Headphones, 3 transmitters (3 channels)
  • Bluetooth Speaker BOSE revolve II+
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen
  • 1x focusrite Scarlett audio interface (2 inputs)
  • 2 x Sennheiser / Shure Lavalier mikes 
  • 1x Samsung portable phone lavalier mike
  • 360 Degree Zoom sound recorder
  • 1x Zoom H8 sound recorder/interface
  • 1x HN2 sound recorder
  • hand held Microphones (wireless 1x and cord 4x) 


  • 1 apple ipad
  • 1 apple ipad mini                       
  • 15 inch powerbook
  • 1x iMac with ADOBE Suite for editing, etc.


  • BioAirD v1.0 (x1), BioBeat3D v1.2 (x2),  € BioVolt v2.2 x (x2), ReachOn v2.1 (x4), WiSystem (x2) 
  • ODD Ball (rubber ball which makes different sounds when contacted/bounced)

Also on site

  • diverse power, sound (XLR), DMX and computer adapter cables
  • HDMI Splitter box with 1 input and up to 4 simultaneous outputs to use with ethernet cables
  • card readers  
  • Fog Machine
  • usb ports/battery packs 
  • Nyrius Aries Pro+ Wireless HDMI transmitter (up to 50m)
  • Bungee cord/harness for weightless work (suspension possibility in large Studio)


  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Various video and other kinds of sound adaptors